It's not too good to be true.
It's what everyone else has been doing.

"Extremely helping the emergency need for plumbers in Texas during the cold-front."

"Creating an easy, effortless solution for business owners to grow. All we have to do is answer the phone."

Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to answer all your questions. Hit the "Apply" button and we'll be in contact shortly.

Is there a contract?

We ask for a month-to-month contract; to protect YOUR money and to protect our time. This guarantees that we both hold up to our end of the deal. Cancel anytime.

Do I pay for the ads?

Nope. Unless we come to a different agreement, we cover all the costs. You just pay for the leads that we provide.

What is the cost per lead?

Every location in the country costs differently to provide leads, so we'll come to an agreement about how many leads you can handle and for what price.

What if I want to take a break?

That's just fine. With a small notice, we can pause your campaign at any time, and resume it later when you're ready for more business.

Are the leads exclusive?

YES. Every single lead you receive is yours and yours only. 

Is there a guarantee?

No one can guarantee new business - but we can provide quality people who want to hire you. You just have to provide for the customer as usual.

What will I do differently?

Nothing. You're going to provide us with a phone number that you'd like to receive new customers on. You can schedule them & provide service like normal.

How do I get started?

It’s simple! You can start by hitting the apply button, and we’ll reach out to schedule a time to walk you through how everything works. After that, you can tell us how many new customers you want and we'll do the rest!